Diedricks Attorneys has deliberately been built at the interface between top-tier corporate, public and private law. Our client base reflects this design and extends from Government and parastatal entities through to multi-national corporates, individuals and families.

We are therefore equally comfortable advising those with legal budgets running to millions of Rands, as we are serving the many deserving communities and ordinary people in our nation who naturally would not afford access to justice.

The firm’s intention has been to provide the level of expertise and attention to detail expected of this profession, given the development of South African law and the globalisation of the economy and society. To achieve this goal, Diedricks Attorneys has been careful to assemble a formidable team of legal experts, both based within the firm and consulted in for specific purposes. By the same token, a core value of this operation is that of empathy for our clients. We do not believe that the excellence we demand of ourselves ought to be at odds with the compassion which our clients require.

We understand that people usually engage an attorney in a crisis time; consequently, one of our objectives remains to treat each client and each case with dignity and honour.